Let’s not expect too much.  Blogging I think is hard, but I got introduced to some very with it young people of color this weekend, and I feel inspired.  Plus I’ve tried keeping a dissertation blog and more often than not, I’ve wanted to blog about other things.  It’s kind of my way to want to do things when I’m supposed to be doing something else.  So hopefully having two blogs will help me to do a better job with both.

For those who want more specifics, some things I plan to regularly post…

*T-shirt/Bumper sticker ideas

*poems like stutters

*fragments of stories

*things I want to invent

*everyday theology

*random observations

*pictures I like

*political, ethical, moral questions, vents, and challenges


My only challenge:  I tend to be verbose.  I’d like to keep most of these posts under 500 words.  I will aim for under 250 words.  I will try to limit myself to one post above 250 words per five posts and only one post above 500 words per fifteen posts.  That’s my not-quite a promise.


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