Coffee and Storm


In this storm at least one person died in a house fire (and it’s curious because this storm was in the summer, and just a couple of weeks ago, this place caught on fire–the proprietors and customers are all okay).  Another person died by tree accident.  I know it’s not a mass tragedy.  I know it’s blasphemous in some ways to say so–and I am grateful that we want to remember all those children–but it is hard to deal with knowing that as people sat on pins and needles to know just how old were the kids who got shot … there is a silent, unintentional I’m sure, implication–that our mourning seems to expire at a certain age.  That after a certain age your death is not a tragedy, except perhaps to some few who have gone around wanting to know you and love you.


~ by asduckers on January 11, 2013.

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